Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working in the background

I know that not much is happening right now, but I'm working as much as I can to have new pics to show you guys.
Just a short teaser of what will come:

I took almost 200 pictures last weekend and I'm still trying to get them all arranged.
So please bear with me just a little longer till I get everything in place.

Also as many know by now a friend, Jonathan Kaminski aka Kamm, invited me to do a build off with him.

We agreed to do a sazabi and hand paint it.
  At first we planed that he would do a space typ and I would do a ground typ but we decided to switch because my last kit was a ground typ and his last kit was a space typ.
And we would learn more if we would do something that we normally would not do.
I am actually very scared of this build off since his fazz was very good IMO.
I don't feel better than he is but he keeps on saying it to me, this does not make me feel better and he knows it, infact this scares me even more.

Anyway here are some pictures of his fazz.

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