Monday, May 2, 2011

New Wallpaper

Hi guys,

I just finished my new Wallpaper for the MAC-forum. The idea came from a picture I saw from the Movie Sucker Punch. I did not see the Movie but the pictures I have seen so far have a very nice artistic style. I instantly feel in love with this particular one showing the heroine of the film jumping to what seems like the final strike.

The Wallpaper, for me, is a picture of how far I have come since I started gunpla.
Because the Exia is the first gundam I ever built and the O the last one that i have made.
Between those two kids I built the dio that you can see in the background.

Trivial: It took me 2 years to finish that dio but manly because I was lazy and I was occupied building so much gunpla.

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