Friday, May 20, 2011

Battle of Dagorlad

The first of my Lord of the Ring posts on my blog is also the first stuff I did when I started collecting these figures.

Well all, except for the heroes and Sauron, they were released just before the second movie hit the big screen.
I just saw the first movie and was so hyped by it that I didn't think twice befor starting to collect Miniaturs again.
I did collect some Warhammer 40k miniatures but that was at that time 7 years ago.
I was more in to Party and Concerts and going to Bars at that time and I felt a bit weird getting back to this hobby.
And Boom!, no more party, no more anything, just painting LOTR miniatures. It didn't take long and I knew I would rather waist my money on this then Partys.

I hope you guys like them and don't feel like I'm waisting you time.

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