Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The mines of moria

The Second Lord of the Rings post is all about Moria.
These figures were one of the first I did when I started to collect the LOTR Tabletop miniaturs. 

The moria goblins at that time where part of the basic game and I added a cave troll ( which is the darker one of the two).
Later I found it to be very poorly painted by myself and so I added a new one that I moded so they wouldn't look to similar.
Of course no moria Army I complete without a Balrog and so I had to have him aswell.
The figures came out the same time the first movie hit the screen and that is when I painted them.
The only ones I did later is the second Cave Troll, Goblin King and the Shaman.

Thanks guys for checking out Moria.


  1. Whoever jizzed his pants for seeing these live say yay.


  2. Thank you my friend for jizzing you pants from seeing them live ;)


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