Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tyrannofex update 2

Hi Guys,

I know I promised a Update last week but I got a bit ill and got laid back a couple of days. but I'm all better
now so here is a small update on the Tyrannofex. I worked a some more on the Scratch built Scything talons, at first they were drawn on a pice of plastic, then I modeled them using Apoxie sculpt.
I didn't use Green Stuff because I find it too sticky and just cant handel it as good.

I did some clean up and will now go on to do some mor detail work and then the last clean up befor priming it.

I hope to get more work done before the weekend  so I can start priming it on Saturday, but as always I am not shure if I will have the time to do so :(

Thanks for checking up on Me :)


  1. damn you Decay.... WHY U SO GOOD?
    get on skype when u can, we all were woried sick

    btw The Beard decided u should definitly aplly to GW Design Studio

    1. Thank You!!!!

      Sorry will be back online tomorrow, wish I could come online tonight but got to meet up with a freind. maybe if it is not to late. I will be there later.


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