Friday, March 30, 2012

The As5E3 Leynos 1/35

Finally I can share with you my 1/35 scale Leynos Diorama.

I finished this kit at the end of last year but could not blog about it because I entered it in the HLJ Sci-Fi Modelling Competition 2012.

I managed to get 3rd Place in the Advanced Category XD

The Model kit was made with the intention that it was a very old Mech, the remain of a Battel long ago. After the war had stopped it remained in the ruins of the city and was forgotten. Unable to be of any use it went into stand-by-mode waiting to be discoverd, reactivated and to be used once again in Battle.

This is always a theme that I have been driven too. And something you will find in most of my kits.

The Dio is made from Styrofoam, Balsa Foam,Balsa Wood, and some Clay. The Plants are actually used for basic Room decoration. The rest, the vine and Moos are basic material for modell trains or any other scale models.

The kit itself is not really modified I added maybe 4 little Kotobukiya parts but thats it. I used the Salt weathering technique, Camouflaged was done by Masking. Rust streak and and pigments were made by brush after the decals were added.




    1 tiny critiuqe tho, the plastic plants could have been made from "silk" flower parts instead.

    (with some highlights and flat coat)..would look much more realistic...the plastic plants can "almost" never be dressed up to look real.
    (model rail/scale modeling perspective)

    Love the temple ruins ALOT!

    1. Thank you Kriz!

      Your critiuqe is right, I used these plants because I still have a big bag full of them from my time of Miniature Gaming and I wanted to find some use for them rather then throwing them away. I did do a flat coat of them and they look better then on the pictures but still fake.

  2. Looks even better in High res Marc! Love everything about this one. The whole temple ruin vibe is so awesome.

    I want to explore inside there ^^!

  3. Yeah I really dig the ruins and the plant life! I dream of making sweet dios like yours mate!

  4. Thanks a ton Guys, Glad you all like it.

    I really love to making Dioramas at the moment. And will be finished with the next soon :)

  5. Excellent work, I love it. These are going in my inspiration folder!

    1. SORRY GAV !!! that I did not reply yet.

      Thank you very much :) Glad your Inspired by it.

      BTW I hope to see more on you Sazabi soon.


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