Monday, June 13, 2011

The O

The O is the latest kit I finished.
I got this from my girlfriend for my last birthday.

While I was snap fitting it I was wondering why I wanted this in the first place.
It's actually a very simple kit but then again that was the reason.
After the EX-S I wanted to do something a bit easier, a relax build if you will.
As soon as I started to work on it I discovert that there were some things about it I didn't like that much and that had to be changed IMO.
Soon I thought that I actually should change everything that comes to mind.
When I finally finished the mods I spent just about as much time on it as I did on the EX-S and it didn't feel like a easy build at all.

A crit I always had toward myself when I finshed the mods was that it didn't have enough detail.
And the first crit I got was that someone said I had to much detail.
This is a very amusing thought IMO and showed me just how different we all see a kit.
I hope you like the pics that I put up, and thanks for checking them out.


  1. The paint job was great but the black background seems to hide the detailed work on this kit. A great build compare to original build...

  2. Thank you..
    Yes you are right. I should maybe take some new pictures.


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