Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's ON !!!

O.K guys the Build-Off has started. Me and Kamm are going kick off over at the MAC-forums till October.

 First for all that don't know what the 1/144 Sazabi looks like (I know that it's not likely) here is a pic anyway.

I am proud to show you the first pics of mods on my Sazabi mods. They are not to cool but in the current status I cant put them together. If you feel like checking out Kamms Sazabi I suggest to check out his video here and then go to the MAC-forum.


  1. Cant wait to see the first screens. How does that work: you guys will post regularly WIP pics or just the finished products?

  2. btw, adan = otaking. Dont know why I am Adam on here. Guess from somes really old blog i had :P

  3. We will post regularly on the MAC forum but I will put up some updates if I have the time. Our goal is get it done by October but it's not "must be" date. ;)


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