Monday, June 27, 2011

My first resin mech.

I know this is not big news but for me it is. I am now the proud owner of a 1/100 NZ-666 Kashatriya.

This baby is one of my favorite MS designs. I will be making this as a relax built next to my Sazabi so I won't be adding anything special to it. The plan will be to make it gray weathered. I am very excited to work on this so I guess the Sazabie has to wait a bit. But no worries the next Sazabi Update is just around the corner. I hope that Kamm has some new pics aswell so I can post them too.

But for now here are some Kshatriya pics.


  1. Nice! Cannot wait. Dont die from the fumes ^^

  2. Thanks Adam, will try to live true this one ;)

  3. Cant wait to see this finished bro. Dont worry about the slow progress on Sansibar. As you know im going slow too.

    Hope your well and i have no doubt that you have allready finished this one ^^

  4. nope I am stuck at 95% and its driving me up the wall.

    will post an update on the Sansibar soon.


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