Monday, June 20, 2011


The Eldar are the second Warhammer 40k Army I collected back in 1995/96.

The first time I saw them I did not like them one bit but for some strange reason I had a change of heart and started collecting them. I kind of let them in the color scheme the Games Workshop had made for them. I just changed everything in to a metallic color...well almost everything.

Thanks for checking them out.


  1. Nice work as always sir Decay!

    Love the work on the Warlock and Avatar atleast thats what i think their called from back in the day.

    Always loved the Wraith Guard design, had an eldar army myself along side my main ork. Loved those scorpion dudes! haha

  2. Thanks Kamm. So the Orks and Elder were you first chioce too.We have too much in common it's scary.


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