Monday, June 17, 2013

I am not amused

I got the Riptide done and in my opinion it is one of the worst GW kits I ever had the misfortune to work on.
Now this is no critic at the design, only towards the way this sucker was architecture and molded.
I could rant all day about this kit but whats the use. So here it is.


  1. Looks great dude. I'd like to hear about the problems you had, I really love the design of this kit!

    1. Thanks Gav. The main problem was that all the parts go together straight through the middle. regardless of if there is a vent or anything. And if there is a seamline it will add up crooked. So a lot of puttying is necessary and unnecessary complicated.

  2. doesnt look like you had trouble painting it though marc!! nice work the subtle weathering looks marvelous!! really cool looking kit. sorry for the frustrations you had to endure during the clean up and fitment stages. looking really good man!!

  3. Thans Steve, yeah I complain too much,but games workshop just suck at making tau plastic kits.

  4. wow!! that was really cool!and it was just a few cm..:D

    nice work bro!

  5. Thanks Vanz. Yes it's about 14cm, big for a Warhammer40k kit


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