Monday, August 8, 2011

Sazabi W.I.P Update 3

Hi guys, I finally got around to do some work on the Sazabi, Kamm and me wanted to post a new update on saturday but I could not get things going the way I had intended. So my update took till sunday. I didn't get to much done because I played more then build, but that is going to change now. After seeing Kamms update I felt that I need to work harder, so I worked the entire Sunday to get things going and plan to get more done this week. If everything goes good I will have a new update on the weekend.

                                Here's a little pic I took of my workspace on sunday afternoon.


  1. That is looking bad ass Marc! Beautiful build man.

  2. Thanks my Friend, I still feel a bit lame on this kit.

  3. Nonsense, your SB parts look so integrated it's surreal. Keep going my friend!


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