Thursday, March 14, 2013

Something, something...

I been very lazy at blogging and anything Internet related for the last few months and I just realised, it's been 3 months! I gotz to post somethingz!!

So letz start with the first thing. There is a new blog called Mad Spiderz!!! Basically it is a team blog which I am a part of together with Harry, Big Z, and Aulon who now goes by the name Mr. Zinc.

Together we hope to have a more active blog in which we will also be featuring a lot of guest modelers and hopefully some Nice tutorials on how to make stuff look cool by simply dropping it in to some paint and calling it Art ;)

Speaking of  Paint, soon and I mean soon I will be having some new finished kits to show you guys. I finally got around to finishing my last GW Tyranid and the Zaku that started about......hmmmmm.....long ago, is just about finished XD oh and then there is that Greife... SOON TOO :D
Unfortunately I can't show off any pictures just yet but like I said SOON!!

But what would a blog post be without any pictures at all? So what I can show are some WIP of my RC Nightingale.

The kit itself is a major disaster IMO nothing quit fits and everything is very imprecise. Luckily I am modding it so I can work my way around some of the Issues I have with this frankenstein of a kit.

Thank you all for checking up on me, and see you all at Mad Spiderz


  1. Loads of detail in that build! Love it!

    1. Thanks Gav, hope this will all work out the way I got it planed

  2. very nice work on the nightengale my friend! i look forward to seeing some more from you sir!

  3. Thanks Steve, don't know if i will be get this done on time.


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