Thursday, October 11, 2012

MSN-001X-2 DELTA GUNDAM KAI II by Gianshopao

I was Checking through the Mecha Lounge when I came across this beautiful Delta plus conversion by Gianshopao.

Actually he wanted to enter this in the 2012 mech contest but was to busy with important college stuff.
His intention on the kit was to make it as an updated version of the Delta gundam Kai thus the name delta gundam Kai II
I really like the work he did on this kit and it definitely shows how nice the Delta gundam Version Kai can look if done right. Everything is right on the spot, and looks very balance. 

Also he posted some of his WIP pictures. I think they show very nicely all the work he put in to this kit to make it look as cool as it does.

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  1. Yeah I loved his build, so epic! Hyaku shiki colors are sexy too.


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