Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tyranids W.I.P

First up is the Mother of brood. I replaced the head with one of the Tyrannofex, I figured the original head was a bit too small for my taste.Next the claws got replaced with some Scything talons, oh yes I just love them on my Tyranids.
Next the Tyrannofex, he got the head of the Mother of Brood and the upper body is from the Trygon. I am
still not feeling it on this one :(

Last the head of the Tervigon this will be a sick one :) I made the head wider and the using Apoxie sculpt.  The picture was taken just after I finished modeling it, once hard i will start sending it and go and do another layer of sculpt.

Thanks guys for checking out my Blog :)


  1. they look fantastic!
    as for the tyranofex - how about a bit more "standing up" position? but then you would have to mod the head/sculp the neck

    1. Thanks. I was thinking that too, I will give it a try :)

  2. Really really solid work!!!!! Love the details you are adding. Very clean.

    1. Thanks Tember, I try to work as clean as I can:)


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